Thursday, April 20, 2006

Suzy Homemaker and other ramblings!

Do you ever hear or see something that jogs your memory back to your childhood? Yesterday I received a catalog in the mail called Betty's Attic. It is full of lots of retro things. I remember having so many of the toys they show (including the ugliest monkey!).

So, getting the catalog made me think about some old toys that I had. I remember having a Suzy Homemaker oven when I was little (I'm the one on the left!) I knew somewhere I had this picture. It was taken in January 1967 when I was still 5 years old. It's one of the few pictures I have of me as a child. I remember making cakes in this oven. It was sort o f the precursor to the Easy Bake Oven. :)

What I remember most about this picture has NOTHING to do with the Suzy Homemaker oven. I remember right around this time I was tattling on my sister Cindy for saying a bad word. (I think it was hell). I remember my mother asking me what she had said and I cried and cried because I just couldn't bring myself to say the word.

Memories are funny things!!

take care,


debi said...

Oh Dawn--that is too cute! Both the picture and the memory! I can so see myself doing the same thing as a kid.

Nancy said...

Oh this is just sooooo cute!
and I have to say - seeing that photo I KNEW which one you were - Timmy and Mackenzie look so much like you!!!