Monday, April 10, 2006

Chapter One!

Yes, Timmy just completed his first chapter book! MUMMIES IN THE MORNING It makes a mother proud! He is in first grade and has been bringing home books to read for months and I think he has been enjoying the easy books because he can get back to playing when he's done. I mentioned to his teacher that he was ready for a challenge. She said it was time to move him to chapter books.

Last year I started buying all the Magic Tree House books hoping someday that he would read them. Tonight he brought home his second book. I have also ordered Captain Underpants and a friend suggested Ghostville Elementary School books. We both went to Amazon and he picked out half a dozen books to buy. I think I have ordered enough books to keep him busy through summer vacation.

I want him to love to read (he's not quite at the loving stage yet!). Hopefully we'll find some books to spark his interest.
It seems like just yesterday all he was doing was chewing the corners of his board books and now he can read. My little boy is growing up!

take care,


debi said...

Way to go, Timmy! What wonderful adventures await him!

Beverly said...

Way to go, Timmy. Matthew is reading chapter books, too. I say "Too Cool".

Reading is "Fun"damental. And, Timmy is a cutie.