Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gotta Love Crayola

Every month I have the children in my kindergarten class draw a picture of themselves next to a tree. At the end of the year they have a book of the portraits to take home. It's wonderful to see how they have grown in their skills!

I spend the first several months helping them to learn how to draw a picture of themselves. One of my friends (also a K teacher) refers to the beginning self portraits as ATTACK OF THE HEAD PEOPLE. You know, the arms and legs come out of the head! We talk about the different parts of a body you need to draw. I remind them that they are not the same color from head to toe, that they are not bald, they have a mouth, etc.

It occurred to me several years back that Crayola crayons possesses the most remarkable quality!!! Now matter how many times I have drawn myself those crayons have an uncanny way of making me slim!!! It's like they have a mind of their own as I draw myself. I don't think I will ever use a crayon that it not Crayola. Though it hasn't been scientifically proven yet, the markers seem to work the same way!!

take care,


debi said...

Hi Dawn!
I am now disillusioned! I've always thought my kids somehow just saw me as thin. Now I know it's just the darn crayons. Oh well.
Have a good one!

Beverly said...

Three cheers for Crayolas.

Diana said...

What a way to end my day with a smile. Thanks Dawn for putting it there! Ü

me said...

Gotta love Crayolas! They're magic! ;)