Sunday, November 30, 2008

My week in review!

Oh, it seems like this week just zoomed on by. I started the week with parent teacher conferences. The kids had a half day on Monday and Tuesday and the rest of the day was for conferences. I always enjoy talking to the families. Now, I have to schedule my conference for Tim. :) Wednesday was a half day of school for the kids and the teachers. I only had 8 students on Wednesday and two of those were dismissed early! When I came home I made a loaf of cranberry bread (sorry Beverly!) and cooked two pies....ok, they were frozen. I just heated them up LOL!

Thursday we spent Thanksgiving at Britt's. It was nice to go to her house. Dinner was wonderful. Mackenzie came home with us for a few hours. She fell asleep on the way to our house and slept for a while. When she woke up she asked for cold pizza. We didn't have any and the pizza restaurants were closed. Yes, her grandma spoils her!

On Friday I cooked a Thanksgiving meal all over again. It was quite tasty and this time I got the leftovers :) Today I'll be making a pie with what I have leftover. I did send some of the turkey to my mother and sister. Luckily I bought an extra turkey on sale and put it in the freezer for New Year's Day.

I started a sewing project on Friday. I cut out all of the pieces to make Jack a Christmas stocking. I started sewing on Saturday and my sewing machine sounds very sick!!! It sounds like it either needs a good oiling, or a belt might need to be replaced. I am just guessing here, but the sound was loud and squealing while I was using it. When I finish, I'll be sure to share a picture.

I also did a large amount of Christmas shopping. All of the children are done. It's those adults that are hard to buy for. I've been busy making some gifts too, but since I know some of the recipients read my blog, I'm not telling what I'm making LOL!

I packed up all of my Thanksgiving decorations. I'll have to have Rich take them up to the attic and then get down all of the Christmas decorations. I have so many. It's going to take a while to get it all done.

Last night I cleaned, dusted and polished the living room, just so I can make a mess getting all the Christmas decorations out and up!

After all the money I spent this week, can you imagine my surprise and frustration to notice that the hose on my Dyson vacuum cleaner was broken. I went on line and ordered a new one. It was $50 for just the hose. Don't go telling me you know where I could have gotten one cheaper. That always happens to me and if you do tell me I might just end up crying LO!

While on the subject of money, I stopped to get gas today and it was only $1.85. Boy, that's so nice to see when just several months ago it was over $4 a gallon. I've had my car for two years and I only have 16,000 miles on it. I don't do too much traveling but it's still great to only pay $1.85.

Well there it is, how I've spent my Thanksgiving week!

take care,


Lorrie said...

Hi Dawn, It sounds like you had a busy week and quite a mixture of things to do between school, Thankgiving, home and getting ready for Christmas. It can be tiring but it's also a lot of fun. Enjoy decorating your house for Christmas--that's what we're doing here.

Beverly said...

Did you say cranberry bread?!!! ;-o Should I even bother saying I am shocked?

The lower gas prices are like a big present. It just makes me smile.

Oh, you have my permission to spoil your babies.

Smilingsal said...

That cleaning before-making-a-mess-while-putting-up-Christmas decorations happens to me too!

How can we prevent that?

jeanne said...

Dawn you made me smile. My activities today are identical to yours. I'm going for groceries, we are getting Christmas out of the attic and the one thing different is 12 people are coming for dinner. Lol. When do I get some down time? I am going to decorate for Christmas sometime today. At least give it a start.


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

You have been busy haven't you?

I hate to make you jealous, but the schools here are closed all week long! So my week has been busy too...keeping Connor since he was out of school at least one day!

And gas here was 1.59 the other day at Sam's club!

Now don't you want to move? LOL

Neabear said...

Gas around here is finally dropping below $2 a gallon. Today I play the organ at church, so obviously I need to be there. After I hope to start my decorating. Well, first I have to put away Thanksgiving. Good luck with your decorating. I love you new blog decor.

Tracy said...

Sounds like you had the perfect holiday week and weekend, fun, busy days, creativity and shopping! ;o) Love new festive look is scrumptious! Hope all of you have a great new week. ((HUGS))

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Dawn, love your new look for Christmas. You have been busy.Gas here is $1.61, I hope it stays at that price for a while.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Dawn; Sounds like you had a busy week, with School and cooking eating baking and shopping. oh and sewing, I hope you found some time for you to just sit and put up your feet. I a looking forward to seeing the stocking.
Have a great week.


ps; don't forget to share your Christmas decorating......

Debi said...

Whew, Dawn! I'm exhausted just reading that! Glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Okay, so now I'm tired just from reading your blog. Girl! You were one busy momma this past week. Pfew!
I made the best soup from some turkey left overs. Even my two picky little guys had 2nds. It made my hubby laugh because he said the look on my face, after the boys asked for more, was priceless. tee hee
How do you like your Dyson? I'm on the market for a new vacuum. I had a hoover windtunnel that was so weak, so lately I've been borrowing my SIL's Kirby and honestly I think I'm in love with the darn thing. I've heard good things about the Dyson and I do know it's cheaper then the kirby.