Sunday, December 07, 2008

Here comes Santa Claus

Yesterday was the day that Santa came to our town by helicopter. We go every year to see him. The first time we took Tim we waited in the parking area to see the helicopter land and then walked to where they take pictures with Santa. That was the only year we did that. I think we waited in line almost two hours!!

Now we watch the helicopter land from across the parking lot, right in line for picture taking!

I zoomed in with my camera. We were not close!!
Santa got a police escort to his bench. Here he is getting out of the car.

This year I got there 30 minutes early and we were first in line! It is also the first year that Santa was 20 minutes late. He's usually on time. Tim was the first to see Santa and let him know what he wanted. I hope it is the same things I think he wants!!

Merry Christmas Santa!

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Darlene said...

I LOVE that. He is definitely a beautiful Santa and not one of the "helpers"!!! How neat!!

Beverly said...

Ho! Ho! Ho! I love Santa Claus.

I think Jeanne would be glad to pick up you, but I have a question about the cranberry bread. What?!!! You're only bringing cranberry bread because of Jeanne!!! Humpf!!!

Smilingsal said...

The Santa looks like a good ol' Coca Cola Santa--you know, the ORIGINAL one! ho ho ho

I'm surprised that Tim will still pose. How do you bribe that boy?

Neabear said...

How cool that you were first in line! Arriving in a helicopter, that is neat. In my hometown, Santa comes in a fire engine.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

I bet that is very exciting to see Santa arrive that way!

He is a good looking Santa isn't he?

And Tim is adorable as always!

jeanne said...

Dawn, it is snowing. You are so smart. I love your story about Santa. Both years. Smile. Tim looks so cute in the photo with Santa.

Beverly is freaked out about the boob cookies. Shall we tell her to get a sense of humor. LOL!

Christmas hugs...Jeanne

ann said...


Cottage Rose said...

Hey Dawn; I love the photo of Tim, he looks so handsome. I really miss that with my kids. Maybe I should take them anyway, I still believe in Santa... You have a great camera to get a great close up like that.

have a great week.


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Tim and Santa together is such a great picture. What a neat way for Santa to make his entrance. What did you used to tell Tim when he was little and asked where the reindeer were? lol!

Debi said...

Arriving by cool is that?!!

That picture of Tim and Santa is absolutely priceless! What a great shot!

Lorrie said...

I've never seen Santa arrive by helicopter-that's so awesome, the kids must really look forward to it. Santa looks like the genuine article and I hope that you're going to frame the picture of Tim with Santa--it turned out fabulous!